What our pupils tell us about their experience of school

 Some Year 5 responses

Are you good mathematicians?

All of the children gave a thumbs up and agreed that they were good mathematicians.

Most definitely

Definitely, but sometimes I lack confidence

Yes, but it does sometimes depend on the lesson

How do you know?

Ms Hargreaves tells me that I am doing well

If I feel confident, then I know that my maths is good

When I get my work correct then I know that it is good

I know I am good because I understand what I am doing

How much out of 10 do you enjoy maths? Why?

6. I enjoy Maths more than writing lessons

10. I just enjoy it a lot!

9. It is one of my favourite lessons. My teacher explains it really well.


Show me a piece of maths work that you have done recently. What did you learn here?

Showed a piece of multiplication work. Explained that he had to multiply 4 digits by 2 digits and that this was a revision lesson.

Chose a division lesson. He said that the method was called the ‘bus stop method’. He explained that he now finds this method much easier as he has practiced it lots.

Showed multiplying 3 digits by 1 digit. She was able to confidently talk through each step of the method.

Showed 4 digits multiplied by 2 digits. He told me that it is important to remember to add on the ones that have been carried over.

All of these children were proud of their work and could speak confidently about what they had been learning.

Is there anything that stops you from doing maths really well?

I occasionally get distracted

Sometimes my confidence, particularly when we are doing things that we learnt over Zoom

Sometimes I feel a bit nervous and don’t want to get things wrong

What could your teacher do to help you to get even better at maths?

Explain the Maths in even smaller steps

Remind me of my mistakes and where I have gone wrong before

 Explain the Maths using easier vocabulary

Make the work a bit harder and more challenging for me